Clifton & Kearsley Pony Club, Salford, Manchester
2017 DATES - All dates are Qualifiers for TSR Showing Finals

23 April
21 May
18 June
16 July (Trophy Show)
20 August
17 September
Spare Date : TBA

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We are a small, friendly pony club in Clifton and Kearsley, near to Salford and Manchester. We have a wealth of knowledge which we are willing to share with all our members, old and new, young or old. The object of the club is to encourage young people to ride and to learn to enjoy all kinds of sport connected with horses and riding. If you need any help or advice, email us at
If you would like to advertise your company in our programme, or if you would like to sponsor one of our perpetual trophies, please contact Michelle Faulkner on 0161-793 7983 or email
Qualifier for TSR Showing Finals 
Riders can now qualify for three championships with a TSR card. Not only can they qualify for a TSR Final they can enter the BSHA Grass Roots Championships in Sep at the BSHA Championship Show, Addington PLUS the SHGB Riding Club Championship. 
TSR Showing Finals - This show is a qualifier for the 2017 TSR Showing Finals. Qualify and enter ANY of the Finals Central, East Anglia, North West, North East, South East, South, Wales & South West or Scottish. You Do Not have to be a TSR member to qualify or enter a final. The Rider/Handler qualifies and can enter any horse/pony in any number of Finals!  
TSR Riders Finals - 1st & 2nd riders qualify and will receive a qualification card in the ring.  
TSR In Hand Finals - The two highest placed Handlers with a TSR In Hand Card will qualify in any In Hand class. Handlers MUST have their cards signed in the ring by the judge/steward, cards are available FREE from the TSR website.  Full details at
TSR Medal Awards - TSR members can collect qualification cards & signatures and redeem for a TSR Medal see TSR website for details.
BSHA Grass Roots & SHGB Riding Club Champs - With a TSR qualification card you can also enter the BSHA Grass Roots Champs in Sept at Addington Equestrian Centre - You do not have to be a BSHA member to qualify or enter the final. See PLUS the Sport Horse GB Riding Club Championship